Reading Pretty: New England White by Stephen L. Carter

New_england_white_coverStephen L. Carter is a professor of law at Yale University.  I think working in a law firm always makes a person interested in reading fiction by someone in the legal field.  I often ask myself  – does this person capture the true essence of a firm. which is hideously wrong in television.  I always wonder did anyone ever spend time with a lawyer to come up with that story line.  This leads to an interesting discussion about what makes a good book.  For me a good book is (1) intriguing, (2) makes me want to lose sleep to read it, and (3) makes me want to tell the world that the bookstore is a better place with this author’s book in it. 

This is the case with New England White.  I had become a fan of Mr. Carter’s after reading his first book The Emperor of Ocean Park.  It was a good read about the black upper class in which most books do not delve in this dynamic.  I was further interested in how you take that perspective and make a mystery.  I could say that I wanted to read the book because one of the main characters and I share the same name, but it was to enjoy Mr. Carter’s luscious-page-turning-I can’t get to sleep-thriller.  He’s still on tour with this book, so it would be sad of me to wonder when the next book is coming out.  I was able to meet Mr. Carter at the book festival and he was delightful, charismatic, and funny.  He has that dry and intelligent sense of humor which I love.  For someone with that kind of intellect it’s easy to take them as stodgy.  Not one ounce of stuffiness.  If you want to read a thought provoking mystery, this is your book.  Mr. Carter has crafted another beautifully written tale.

It is with the reading of books the same as with looking at pictures; one must, without doubt, without hesitations, with assurance, admire what is beautiful. (Vincent Van Gogh)

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