Reading Pretty with Lancome Courbe Virtuouse

Victoria_rowell_and_i What do you get when it’s a beyond beautiful weekend full of book lovers?  You get book toting, back-aching, author-loving, standing-in-line-waiting, late-night-reading-junkies who are clinging on every word their favorite author says during 6 hours of fun.  I was such that person this weekend.  As Posh Spice would say, "it’s so MAJOR."  Of course, the fabulous Victoria Rowell was there speaking and signing.  As you all know, her memoir The Women Who Raised Me was the first selection in the virtual book club, but to finally see her in person was a treat for the mind and the eyes.  Ladies, she is 48.  Look at that skin.  I had to ask her what she uses on her skin.  She told me Dermalogica cleansers and Clarins moisturizers.  She has been on tour since April with over 150 days on the road and the woman was gracious, patient, thought provoking, and kind.  There wasn’t a stuck up bone in her body, thank goodness.  I asked when the next book is coming out and she said next year. 

Courbe_virtuoseIf the eyes are the windows to the soul, the curtains on my window is the new Lancome Courbe Virtuose Mascara.  I applied this mascara early Saturday morning and it lasted through book festival and a yoga team retreat later on that evening.  I only had time to run home, take a quick shower, and head over to Dupont.  This is truly an all-day mascara that comes off easily with a quick swipe of makeup remover.  Yesterday a friend asked me what masacara I had on and I replied "the new Lancome."  Her reply, "your lashes look hot."  That’s all a girl needs on a Sunday before football.

Have a great day.

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  1. Jamie
    October 4, 2007 at 12:21 pm (8 years ago)

    She is pretty…:)


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