LORAC Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette

LORAC Color Me Couture My coworker Brittany walks into my office and declares
"you must get this palette" as she holds in her the LORAC Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette.  More important than the legal document
production that we are sick and tired of dealing with over the the past few months.  We immediately hop online and there it is in all its splendor and glory. 

My eyes flickered from the screen to my hands as I slowly inhaled and exhaled at the packaging of this palette.  This products needed its own moment of silence to the beauty of this palette.  Upon
opening it the only words that came to mind were the words to The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Robert Flack.  I truly felt the sun in this palette's eyes.  It will arrive on my door step this week.  It's also coming with me to New York Fashion Week next month. 

That's all.

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  1. Ohhh, I love it when the package is a work of art.
    Let us know what the colours are like.

  2. i saw this at Sephora last night and was floored– it is gorgeous. i couldn’t resist & bought it! :) enjoy yours when it arrives!

  3. I love that palette, the package is just gorgeous. Those colors are amazing but I own at least one like each color.

  4. That’s gorgeous! I love LORAC, especially their lipsticks. So creamy!

  5. I Like that palette, the package is Fabelous….. Those colors are nice….

  6. I love the palette, from the highlighter, the natural look and to the smoky eye look. I also adore the packaging, it has a busy pattern but it appears elegant.

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