Om Pretty: Yoga + Wine Workshop with Angela Gargano of Bliss Flow Yoga and Liquid Bliss

LiquidBliss The past few months have been so hectic.  Not only for me, but for so many people.  It seems as if 2010 is flying past me and I'm trying to catch up with it.  The minute I try to plan some "me" time I always get thrown for a loop.  But, I was able to stay steadfast to my commitment for the two-day Yoga + Wine Workshop at Tranquil Space with Wine Expert and Yoga Instructor Angela Gargano of Bliss Flow Yoga and Liquid Bliss.  This workshop merged yoga and wine in such a seamless way.  It's amazing how yoga and wine really do have a lot in common.  The first day consisted of Awakening the Senses.  Yoga helps me to find my true center and after a 75 minute practice we delved into tasting the wine and food pairings.  I could say that it was all bliss, but by the 8th sun salutation my body was like "you need to spend more time on the mat darling." As I laid in the most splendid Savasana, I couldn't help feeling grateful.  Despite my hectic schedule I'm still able to get to the mat – to replenish and regroup. 

After the invigorating class we started our yoga and wine journey.  Angela gave a summary of her background in wine and ultimately yoga.  She then walked us through a wine tasting in which we used our already heightened post yoga glow senses to appreciate the beauty of wine and food. My favorite obsession is the blue cheese and red wine combination.  That has been a must for the past week.  Thank goodness for Cowgirl Creamery. I've plowed through Angela's blog and taken away a ton of gems on books, winemakers, food, and life.  I can't wait until Angela's next retreat in Italy.   

Here's the list of wines we sampled. Hopefully you can see, swirl, and sip your way to Liquid Bliss.  Namaste and Om Pretty.

Friday, March 19th

2007, Pinot D'Alsasce, Zind-Humbrecht, Alsace, France

2007, Pinot Noir, Meinklang, Burgenland, Austria

NV, 'Arzimo', La Cappucina, Veneto, Italy

Saturday, March 20th

2008, Sauvignon Blanc, Frog's Leap Winery, Na

2008, 'Baux de Provence', Mas de Gourgonnier,  France

NV, 'Arzimo', La Cappucina, Veneto, Italy

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