I Love Being a Girl!

NY Times photos It's no secret of my love affair with all things Francaise.  I just read a lovely article in The New York Times about French women entitled "Aging Gracefully, the French Way."  I have a French friend Laetitia from Paris and she really does have that je ne sais quoi.  And she had enough sense to marry a good Southern guy from Louisiana.  I'm smiling with my eyes now. But reading this article made me think of her and that it's high time I grab Erika whose back to blogging and high tale it back home to Paris.  Erika are you with me?  I do understand the belief that everything can be cured with a cream.  That's one of the reasons I slather my skin with every single possible skin care product I can get my hands on.  

My favorite part is this:  "Though Frenchmen are clearly interested — they shamelessly ogle women on
the street — beauty is a female topic. When, over dinner, I asked a
grandmother of three how she managed to stay beautiful, she deflected my
question, saying, 'I never discuss these things in front of my

That's how I feel. I try as much as I can to keep my beauty maintenance away from l'homme.  I know it's crazy, but I just can't help it. 

I love reading these types of articles, but I have to say.  I have amazing women in my life who are smart, funny, kind, fabulous, and definitely not French.  But, they are AMAZING nonetheless.  To those women and my non-French women readers you too are fabulous.  

Photos are from The New York Times. 

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  1. I being a girl too. Great post!

  2. YES! We must connect in NYC. Fashion Week – tres exciting!!!

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  4. I’m the opposite when it comes to beauty and my man. I want him to know how hard it is to look so good. I think he appreciates the honesty.

  5. I’m the exact opposite when it comes to beauty routine and my husband. I let him see most of the things I do in the name of beauty. He has to understand what it’s like, though he does a lot of grooming himself.

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