Halle Berry Brings the Hotness for Vogue September 2010

It's almost that time – time to spend the weekend with a stack of September fashion magazines.  I subscribe to tons of magazines, but I always buy an extra issue of the September magazines to make tear sheets of what I plan to buy for fall.  This year I am going to buy a few extra issues of Halle Berry on the cover of Vogue.  The September issue is of course the big issue of Vogue.  They made a movie about it for goodness sake. The beauty that is Halle is undeniable.  This is a beautiful September issue cover.  

Vogue Sept 2010

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  1. Yes I love this time of the year. I work at one of the big fashion mags here in NY and we got ours delivered and I lugged it home to devour over the weekend! I will be getting this one first chance I get, I collect every VOGUE with my fave ppl on the cover, esp Black women.

  2. Halle Berry is very beautiful, sexy.
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  3. This cover is beautiful, however I am not found of the hairstyle.

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  5. Ah, September magazines. I’m going to collect a huge stack and spend a Sunday in bed reading them all.
    I must agree with La Lionne about Halle’s hair. Not my favorite of her looks but her beautiful face can pull off anything.

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