Jimmyjane AFTERGLOW Natural Massage Oil Candle

JimmyJaneJimmyjane AFTERGLOW Natural Massage Oil Candle in Dark Vanilla is a two-in-one product.  It's a candle that turns into a massage oil.  I personally think it makes a great oil for all those dry areas on my body.  It looks like a typical candle, but once it melts it becomes a luxurious massage oil.  The candle has tons of great ingredients such as Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, Aloe and no phthalates or parabens.  I did not use it as a massage oil.  Why? Because I didn't want to use all the product up.  I added it to my daily body lotion.  Jimmyjane also sells some "grown folks products" which should be looked at in the privacy of your home. Queue the wink here.  I think they should package this oil in a separate container.  I like the candle idea, but I need a large jar of this oil. 

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