Destination Pretty: Yoga for Foodies with Dave Romanelli at Mii Amo Destination Spa Resort

I have been fortunate to practice yoga with some great teachers.  I've had a blast attending Dave Romanelli's Yoga for Foodies and Yoga + Wine Workshops.  Dave is now leading retreats at the "can I stay there forever" Mii Amo at Enchantment Destination Spa Resort in Sedona, Arizona.  Dave has great sequencing in his classes which means each pose flows to another pose.  Dave also chooses great music to go with his classes. I always check his site for his play lists.  After class the retreat moves to the kitchen to take the senses on a culinary journey.  The resort has been recognized by travel magazines as one a great destination to regroup and connect to oneself.  Mii Amo is on the list to visit with the girls. 

Mii Amo.1
{Hello Mii Amo. I can't wait to meet you}

Mii Amo.2

{Feeling relaxed just looking at this pool}

Mii Amo.3
Mii Amo.4

{I never met a spa I didn't like}

Mii Amo.5

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  1. absolutely beautiful@ I’m overdue for ANOTHER vacation..this might be the next stop!!!

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