Ma Jolie Maison: K. Hall Design Candle in Egyptian Jasmine

"I get it from my mama, my aunt, and my grandmother."  It's my candle obsession.  My mother always had candles burning in our home and just like her I need candles in my life.  When I travel I bring my candles with me.  It adds a touch of home no matter where I go.  Also, just like my mama I spend a ridiculous amount of money on candles.  My newest find came directly from my other home – Tranquil Space Yoga Studio.  Our studios boutique sells great candles, but when I smelled the K. Hall Design Egyptian Jasmine Candle.

K. hall designs

I knew I needed this in my house.  I also knew I needed to put it in my office, because l'homme is now on the candle bandwagon and lights every single candle in the living room – at the same time.  I wanted to keep this one all to myself.  That's why it's in my office. 

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