2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Honoré des Prés Fragrances

If you have been a faithful reader to this blog you know I am obsessed with fragrances.  I must admit that I love a luscious fragrances, niche, and created to make a woman feel special.  It seems the older I get I want to make sure I support independent perfume makers.  Enter Honoré des Prés Fragrances and Vamp à NY.  My favorite note in fragrances has always been vanilla and this intense fragrance has notes of Bourbon Vanilla, Tuberose, and Perou Balm.    My fragrance arsenal has found a new romance.

Vamp a NY

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  1. Christopher McCarthy says:

    Where can you purchase this perfume?

  2. Christopher, the fragrance is only available at Henri Bendel in NY.

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