2010 Holiday Gift Guide: SpaRitual HandPrint Organic Salve

The song says that "It's the most wonderful time of the year," but my hands know that it is also the most drying time of the year. Last Monday I left cold DC for warm Belize where I ate amazing food, soaked in the culture, sun, and sand.  Needless to say I'm back and this cold weather doesn't make me happy.  This week I'm regrouping in preparation for my birthday celebration on Saturday.  But, everything on me is dry.  My hands seem to be taking a huge beating.  In this weather I'm cozying up with magazines, books, and soups.  I'm also cooking a ton and the constant washing and drying of my hands are doing some major damage on my hands.  I'm trying to keep them up, but I've been slipping.  SpaRitual's Hand Print Organic Salve is working wonders.  I leave it in the kitchen because that is where I need it the most.HandPrint

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  1. These sound like amazing products for dry skin! Thanks for the post!!
    Erth Mineral Makeup

  2. An amazing product indeed!

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