Destination Pretty: All Over the Map by Laura Fraser

It was by accident that I discovered Laura Fraser, but thank you and your travel memoir referrals for everything Ms. Fraser who is one of my favorite travel writers EVER.  I'm slightly jealous that Laura has kept a list of every book she has ever read.  In her honor I'm staring my list in January. 

Laura's recent book is All Over the Map.  It's a delicious sequel to An Italian Affair which chronicled her post divorce travels across the globe.  This is not a "whoa is me" travel memoir.  This is the travel journal of a seasoned traveler who loves the world and the concept of exploration.  All Over the Map is the continuation of a life long traveler post love affair.  It's great to read Laura's reflection on her life, but in All Over the Map she comes full circle with the wanderlust spirit of the little girl who first new she wanted to travel.  In the end Laura comes full circle to destiny – the one she created. 

Laura leads writing retreats in Mexico which have now been added to my writer's bucket list which will happen in the next five years. 

All Over the Map

An Italian Affair is Laura's cathartic travelogue on the power of travel as a healing mechanism.  What makes an An Italian Affair so much fun to read is that you feel you are there with her.  In San Francisco I can see myself visiting Marin and Mount Tamalpais.  In Italy you feel you are there at the restaurant in Ischia enjoying a breeze and being fascinated with a Frenchman with curly hair. 

An Italian Affair

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  1. Jaime
    December 22, 2010 at 4:55 pm (5 years ago)

    I have to start a list as well! What an amazing idea. It will help (esp. if you have it on your phone or other portable device) so you don’t buy the same book again.


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