Om Pretty: Passport to Prana

How are your New Year’s Expectations going?  The weather is finally breaking here although the temperatures are fluctuating between needing a superb trench and a puffy coat.  I’m still happy that Spring is on the horizon.

I have professed my love for yoga and all its benefits beyond exercise and leave it to Passport to Prana to come up with an amazing concept.  I make a point when using my other passport is to find a yoga studio in whatever country I’m visiting.  One of my favorite studios was in Zurich.

“Passport to Prana is an innovative, yet affordable, multi-studio yoga pass.  The Passport offers a class at each one of its participating studios for just $30.

There are currently 15 cities to choose from including New York, Atlanta, and Portland.”  They need to add D.C. to the list.  The Passport can be purchased at participating studios, an authorized dealer, or online.

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