Estée Lauder’s Wild Violet Collection – Spring 2011

Estée Lauder’s Wild Violet Collection for Spring is the perfect way to start off a Monday morning.  As you can tell from the new layout of the site some major changes went on this weekend.  We are still tweaking the site, I’m still learning, and the beauty show must go on.  Plus, I’ve learned my lesson about drinking caffeine after 3pm because I’m buzzing like bee functioning on two hours of sleep.  But, I digress and it’s time to head back to this gorgeous color collection that my face is waiting to embrace  in the next few weeks.

This Wild Violet beauty creation was created by Tom Pecheaux and has me drooling for me.  I admit at first I thought this gloss was going to be a little too much for me.  But, it’s super sheer so if you want the pop of color you have to use the lipstick as well.  Who’s complaining? Definitely not me.  The thought of putting away my puffy coat is something I’m looking forward to.

This collection has me ready for spring and all that it brings: outside dining, ballet flats instead of boots, flip-flops, and flirty dresses like this from Anthropologie.

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