Sprayology Homeopathic Oral Spray

I had been reading for years about Sprayology Homeopathic Oral Sprays, but it took going to Paris to put them to use.  I have a fear of flying.  Yes, I know it sounds crazy.  I always say I love to go, but hate to fly.  With that being said, I do not sleep on planes.  I flew to Tokyo and didn’t go to sleep.  Enough said.  I need all the help I can get adjusting to various time zones.  I give you Sprayology’s Travel Ease.  I will never travel more than 6 hours without this product.   After returning home I used the Body Balance and I felt rested and like myself.  Of course staying up reading late had me more exhausted than traveling to another country.  The B12 Spray is on my list to try next especially when we lose the hour of sleep as we spring forward.

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