Wine Wednesday: Riondo Pink Prosecco Raboso

All winter long I have been only drinking red wine. The thought of drinking a cold beverage when it’s cold outside does not appease my palate. I’m buying cases of Malbec at the time, but recently had a glass of white wine with mussels and now I’m all about something crisp and flavorful as the last days of old lady winter starts to vanish. Riondo Pink Prosecco Raboso is on my spring sipping list for wine.  Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine.  It works well with many things you could normally use champagne for – mimosas, kir royale, etc.  I prefer it on its own.  I usually drink plain Prosecco, but this pink one has my name all over it.  Thankfully I found a store in my area that carries it.  Fashion is busy planning Fall 2011, but I’m looking forward to Spring, Summer, and warmth.

What are you looking forward to for Spring?

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