Anthropologie Decorator Concept

Anthropologie.  I could write sonnets on my love for you.  I spend hours pouring over your book section and once I hit the kitchen and beauty departments I’m transported to a land far, far away.  The home section reminds me of an apartment in the French countryside and I’m glad to have watched every single episode of Man Shops Globe.  Today in my email you wowed me even more with the Decorator Concept of interior design coming online and in certain stores.

“Customers will find product from a variety of sources from around the world including Anthropologie’s own designers, a mix of well-known and more obscure brands, as well as work commissioned from artists, artisans and designers.  While the decorator concept will share Anthropologie’s aesthetic, it will be completely dedicated to delivering a unique experience that helps generate design ideas and support decision making.”

The concept launches online March 17 and in stores March 24.  Although it’s not coming to my area just yet (crying tears of sorrow), I’m not that far from Pennsylvania and I could easily make a trek for “research.”  I see new bedding in my future, a Le Labo candle, and any excuse to raid their beauty racks.



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