Jones New York Empower Your Style & Interview With Lloyd Boston

I realize I’m a lucky girl.  I say this to many women all the time.  If you are a woman born in a country where you have a voice, you are better than many women around the world.  Through my travels I’ve seen many oppressed women and I’m grateful and thankful to all that I have.

Jones New York has created an Empowerment Fund that celebrates women who are making a difference in the lives of many.  I’m lucky to attend the luncheon today to celebrate the winners.

Lloyd Boston, the multi-talented style guru and I had a chat on Monday.  Lloyd has been working with Jones New York for years and helping women all over the country find their own style that empowers them.  Lloyd will be in the DC area this weekend to help women find clothing that empowers them.  I remember my friend Tanya telling me a few a years ago that I had to buy Lloyd’s book Before You Put That On.  I did.  I refer to all the time, but like most women my closet has grown for a life that I no longer lead.  I’m late to the game, but I just got The Style Checklist.  I had fun of talking with Lloyd and enjoyed his enthusiasm in helping to empower women through personal style.

Julia:  Lloyd what’s the best way to find your personal style?

Lloyd:  Here are a few tips.  Take everything out of your closet and reorganize it.  Go through everything and only keep the good F words – Fit, Flatter, and Forgive.

Julia:  Okay, it sounds daunting, but I will do it before the end of the month.  What’s the best update my look since I’m on the go, travel frequently, and need to fashion and function?

Lloyd:  A white shirt that doesn’t need ironing, one you can pack for travel, and goes where you go.  Jones has the new  white shirt that doesn’t wrinkle.  It works casual or dressy.

Julia:  I need to get my hands on that shirt this week.  What are some takeaways that every woman should consider when finding her own style?

Lloyd:  Fashion choices mirrors lifestyle choices.  Understanding style is a skill set.  Every one doesn’t have it.  Some have to learn it.  You can either be a well-dressed woman or a woman who gets dressed.

Julia:  This was an aha moment.  Who’s style do you like?

Lloyd:  Diahann Carroll, Diane Keaton for her ability to mix menswear and dress according to her own rules, and Halle Berry.

Julia:  You are exceptionally groomed.  What are a few products you like?

Lloyd:  Cetaphil Cleanser and some Kiehl’s products.

Julia:  Lloyd, thank you for the interview.  I can’t wait to meet you this week.

Lloyd:  I look forward to meeting you and remember – Style begins where the rules end.

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