Memo Paris Very Red Roses Candles

The candle junkie in me could not have imagined the joy of discovering Memo Candles in Paris.  It was very easy.  Le beau said au revoir as I strolled the first floor of Printemps which is filled with beauty, bags, and jewelry.  One of my new discoveries was Memo Paris Candles.  Seriously they stopped me in my tracks. I was on my way to buy by Terry beauty which was on sale.  I love Paris January sales.  Yes, even the makeup is on sale in Paris in January.  I turned my head and there they were.

Memo Paris is the brainchild of Clara Molloy and I was enraptured.  The line is inspired by her travels which spoke to the traveler in me.  Memo is short for “memory” and what we bring back from each sojourn.  I kept going back and forth between the Very Red Roses and High in Hawaii in candles.  I don’t even want to get started on the body products.  Another world I tell you. I couldn’t choose and I worried that le beau was getting anxious to stroll.  I had to grab something fast and swiped this lovely beauty.

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