Om Pretty: SpaFinder Wellness Week

I love getting a good deal and getting one at the spa is no exception.   I’m constantly working on the concept of “self love.”  This means no matter how busy I may I take time out for myself.  Instead of Calgon, Take Me Away – it’s I need a spa break and I’m putting myself on the list.  Last week I wrote about the book Nature’s Beauty Secrets which is my spa-la-la book for Spring.  Lo and behold I discover SpaFinder’s Wellness Week (March 21-27).

What exactly is SpaFinder’s Wellness Week.  It’s a week devoted to the wellness, which includes the spa, but also food, exercise, and in my case sleep.  Every time I visit a spa I always shop the boutiques for spa gifts that I can’t find at home.  Last year in Hawaii, I discovered Akhassa which is now one of my favorite beauty brands.

How have I been doing on my self-love initiative? Not that great. I feel I’ve been going at lighting speed, but I plan to change that today.  I’m putting down a self-love Saturday.  I’m grabbing my planner, finding a spa to visit for SpaFinder’s Wellness Week, and having a me time moment.

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