Destination Pretty: Savoring Santorini With TranquiliT & Butter London Nail Lacquer

A few years ago I was able to visit Santorini.  This glorious Greek isle was the perfect back drop to a Mediterranean vacation in 2006.  I am planning a Greek adventure again for 2012.  I miss the fresh food, the sun, and ouzo.  Santorini is known for this magnificent and vibrant blue on top of buildings.  Imagine my delight when Kimberly’s TranquiliT clothing featured this insane blue called Santorini.  I knew I had to have the new longer cardi-wrap in this color.  I’m planning lots of color for Spring and Summer.  I’m obsessed with everything Santorini blue.  On Sunday I heard someone say “I’ve heard of this thing called Spring.  I’m trying to find it.”  So am I.

The color palette for TraquiliT Spring 2011

Butter London’s Blagger Nail Lacquer. This is a must have for my nails.



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  1. I find it fascinating that the top of the architecture is painted in vibrant blues. A visual sweep of that landscape from the right height must be one heck of a visual.

  2. OMG, Julia! I love this article and I completely agree–I’m in love with TranquiliT’s Santorini blue! I’ve been wearing my Long Sleeve Wrap Tunic (in the same color) EVERYWHERE. So comfy and beautiful–and so are your pics! Thanks for sharing :)

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