Skin and Bones Unisex Moisturizer

I discovered Skin & Bones Unisex Moisturizer at the New York International Gift Fair on a buying and research trip for Tranquil Space.  Of course, I discovered great new products for the site.  Skin & Bones is a unisex moisturizer containing 100% natural and organic ingredients such as jojoba oil, lemon, ylang ylang, and others.

I’m obsessed with this all over oil.  I can use it alone or as a base for my moisturizer.  My hands and cuticles are thanking me for applying this every night before bed.  I definitely feel and see the difference.  I’m a sucker for packaging and this one is no different.  The glam rock chic glass bottle looks great on my desk.  Yes, I keep it on my desk.  I had to extract some of the oil for my carry-on.  I will be slathering myself on every plane in Skin & Bones.

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