NUXE Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream

NUXE Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream I thank you. Thank you for saving my tired, sad, and dry winter hands from damage of winter, gloves, and endless hand washing. Old lady winter did me in this season and I’m trying to rectify the damage.

I admit when we first met you were being trumped by your dry oil and lip balm in Monoprix. Choices. In the end you were added to my basket and now I use you religiously when you are not hanging out near my kitchen sink.

I’m contemplating buying another tube of this hand cream to keep in the car because it’s that good.  I like very moisturizing hand cream and it’s not oily. This was the most surprising thing about the cream.  It’s definitely a keeper in the beauty arsenal.

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