Om Pretty: Yoga Woman Movie

An email about this Yoga Woman movie popped into my inbox this week. Being a yogi I watched the trailer at least 2 times.  It’s fascinating how the power of women have changed the way yoga is seen in this country. It is true that you see more women in class than men. I will definitely watch this movie, but I wished they had interviewed more women of color who are certified yoga instructors. I know at least 10. Also, teachers of various shapes, sizes, and ages aren’t represented. Lord knows my beloved Yoga Journal Magazine needs more color.  My yoga journey has transformed over the past 5 years and I look forward to using yoga as a healing mechanism for the next year.

The thought of going on a pill for the rest of my life does not make me happy. So, I’m looking into natural alternatives to heal myself. It could be a lot worse, but after being dependent on Ambien for years to fall asleep and breaking that habit the last thing I’m looking to do is get attached to medication. There is always a bright side to everything. I smile when I think of Lululemon’s Summer Collection, yoga outside, and Bobbi Brown’s Beach Scent.

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