Carol’s Daughter Lavender and Vanilla Moisturizing Body Cream

A few months ago Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price was on HSN promoting her Lavender and Vanilla Moisturizing Body Cream and Cleansing Gel. I told myself I didn’t need another body cream at that moment, but of course I caved. I’m so glad I did. I’ve been on a lavender movement. Not a moment, a movement. Lavender is everything to me right now. When I purchased the product it came in a set of two with the shower gel and a shower puff. Hopefully HSN will reissue the set. This body cream is thick just like I like them and has been my go-to item for relaxation over the past week which was busy with work, earthquakes, rain, and hurricanes.

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  1. Everyone loves lavender but I think I’m allergic. It makes me sneezy and a little itchy.

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