LORAC’s TANtalEYES Palette

I always check the weather on Sundays to see what my clothing situation will be for the week. Although I consistently wear my “uniform” there are days when I want to venture away from it. The forecast this weeks calls for Friday to be in the 60s. I’m still holding on to the last bit of summer and will be wearing LORAC’ TANtalEYES Eye Shadow Palette well into winter. I hate when women feel they can’t have a glow because it’s cold. That’s when I need the glow. The Bronzing Luminizer will work well on my highlighted cheeks while bundled up in North Face coats and Timberland Boots. Bronzer is not just for summer.

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  1. I need the glow year round for sure. My skin gets so dull in the winter than I need to spice it up a bit with bronzer and shimmer.

  2. Same here. My skin also gets dull in the winter. This collection seems great for giving you a nice glow.

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