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It’s hard to believe that according to most people summer is over. I understand the Memorial Day to Labor Day concept, but for me if the temperature is higher than 70 degrees – it’s still summer. Which means I am still enjoying all the amazing summer fruit my tummy can hold. But, with school starting for me it’s also time to put a thought in the back of my mind that fall is somewhere on the horizon. It’s also the time when we think that we no longer need to worry about our “summer diet.

A lot of my girlfriends and I have been on a health kick to discover different ways it means to be healthy. It seems you can’t turn on the news without hearing about America’s health crisis. I see a Naturopath. For some it means giving up certain foods, but for one of my friends she wanted to not give up anything. So she turned to Sensa. The one you see on the infomercial. Here’s her story. I don’t know if she’s going to stick with Sensa forever, but she’s enjoying the results. I remember when Sensa came out a few years ago. I know a few of my beauty girls used it and liked the results too.

Everyone has their opinion of Sensa — some opinions are quite strong, in fact! All I can share with you is my own Sensa success story, and hope that it inspires you to take on a new opinion. My boyfriend of 6 years had finally proposed, and I was thrilled to become a bride! We set our date for May 16, 2009, and I instantly threw myself into planning. I didn’t immediately plan to diet for weight loss, but all that changed when my mom brought me her wedding gown and told me how much it would mean to her for me to wear it.

While some brides would balk at their mother “taking away” their dress shopping chances, I was moved to tears that my mom had saved her dress all these years, hoping I would someday wear it. It was a simple white sheath with spaghetti straps, finished with a crystal-adorned empire waist. I was in love with it; I was also two sizes too big to fit into it!

Thankfully, a friend of mine had just ordered Sensa for herself. One quick conversation had me convinced that it was the answer to all my weight loss problems! Instant calorie-reduction without the stress? What could be better than that? By the end of the first day, I noticed that I was filling up faster than usual, and that my normal snack cravings weren’t as intense. By the end of the first week, I had already lost my first pound! I amped up my exercise routine a bit, which wasn’t too difficult, seeing as it was basically nonexistent to begin with.

Well, May first came quickly, and I nervously took my mom’s beautiful dress to the alterations department in one of our local wedding shops. I had watched my weight drop, a couple pounds every week, but I hadn’t dared to try on the dress in fear that it wouldn’t fit and I would lose my momentum. As my mom helped me zip up her dress, I found myself holding my breath anyway, and quickly exhaled.

As soon as I let my breath out, I practically screamed with joy; the dress not only fit, but it needed to be taken in! After all was said and done, I went from a size 10 to a size 6, with only the help of Sensa and a few tweaks to my eating and exercise habits. I felt beautiful as I walked down the aisle in my mom’s dress.

Now, I tell people my Sensa success story whenever I have the chance! I truly hope that other people are able to transform themselves with Sensa, just like I did.


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1 Comment on Om Pretty: Sensa Success

  1. Jaime
    September 6, 2011 at 3:17 pm (4 years ago)

    I’d love to try Sensa because it sounds so easy and who wouldn’t want food that tasted richer. I think so many people hurry through their meals (I definitely do) that we don’t really taste or enjoy what we’re eating. If I’m correct Sensa is supposed to make your food have stronger tastes, right?


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