Inis Cologne

I kept thinking that I would eventually do a holiday round up, but I like to think of buying beautiful things year-round as the best holiday to give yourself. Why is it that we are always waiting until the end of the year to wear something special, give someone we love a gift, and leave the beautiful items in our life for one day. Let’s start thinking that every day is holiday and gift and quit pushing it into one day a year.

That’s why I want to give you a product that transports you to a land far, far away ~ Inis Cologne. Inis is a product of Ireland. Although the land may have given us Guiness there is more to the country than beer. Such as this fragrance. It’s a unisex scent that’s clean and perfect for a new beginning. I don’t look at this time of year as the end of something, but rather the start and beginning of something great. It’s that what fragrance is supposed to do? To transport us with its scent and take us far away to a place that only fragrance knows our name.

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