Destination Pretty: Wanderlust Yoga + Music Festival

Finally. These are the words that I uttered when I decided it was time I high tail it to a Wanderlust Festival this year. After going back and forth between locations (California, Colorado, & Vermont) I decided it was time to get my pretty girl rocky mountain high on. I will be attending and covering the Wanderlust Yoga + Music Festival this year from the divine Copper Mountain Resort. I’m already thinking of my mountain-yogi-chic look as I type this and which lip glosses can get me through 4 days of yoga fun.

Wanderlust is a Yoga & Music festival with celebrity yoga instructors, cooking demonstrations, main stream artists, and lectures. I’m excited about taking class again with Seane Corn. I seriously love this woman. I remember her Detox Flow class at a conference in 2007. It kicked my butt in the good feeling way. One highlight for me is hearing Ziggy Marley sing to me while practicing yoga. I can already see the happy face and smile I will be wearing listening to “Love is My Religion.” This free spirit plans to soar in the Colorado mountains.

I plan to put some vlogs on the entire festival on the blog. I need to see if one of my yoga friends will be my camera girl.

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