Om Pretty: Yoga For Women by Karin Björkegren

I received Yoga For Women by Karin Björkegren last year, but I think it’s a perfect opportunity to review the book for a new year. At this time of year the gym is more crowded, diets are being forged, and yoga classes are on resolution lists. I’m going into my sixth year as a yogi and I’m glad I found the practice. Do I wish I had found it earlier? Yes, my hamstrings and knees would definitely have been happier. To say yoga is transformative is an understatement. I don’t think I would have started a blog until I realized my creative spark with yoga. Yes, you will get flexible and build up strength, but the mind will give you a big fat kiss of thanks for learning how to slow down, listen, and relax.

Karen’s book is a great introduction to yoga and beautifully done. The photos alone with have you running to get a mat, plop it down, and salute the sun. It’s also the kind of book that’s perfect for a coffee table next to all your other fashion and design books. The photos also have me plotting a yoga retreat for later this year. A little too obsessed with yoga retreats at the moment. There is so much about yoga and we are forever students, but it does help that Karen has taken the time to break everything down easily and to make you feel that you are sitting having a yoga conversation with an old friend. I get that it can feel intimidating walking into a yoga studio and taking a class. Don’t feel as though you need to be flexible in body, you have to be flexible in the mind.

I’m forever the “beauty yogi” at my studio. I’m still the girl that has discovered which lip gloss stays on the best during a good class – Clinique Superbalm if you really want to know. Sometimes yogis can take it way to seriously and for people new to the practice it can seem overwhelming. But, we can also laugh at ourselves. If you are in for a good laugh this video which has gone viral in the yoga community will brighten your day and have you smiling.

Om Pretty!

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1 Comment on Om Pretty: Yoga For Women by Karin Björkegren

  1. Carlene
    January 21, 2012 at 10:33 am (4 years ago)

    “I just found some really cool eye shadow for my third eye”, lol.


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