Destination Pretty: Tumi Beach Tote

I’m a certified beach babe. I love it. I can’t get enough. I leave the beach only to think of my eminent return. I found the perfect beach tote to hold my magazines, sunscreen products, and beloved Kindle. I love my iPad, but you really can’t read it in direct sunlight. I was perusing one of my favorite stores online when I came across this “I-must-have-in-my-life” Tumi Beach Bag.

I have tried many beach bags and I realized that the better the quality the longer it lasts. I’ve been using a Tory Burch Tote for years, but now it has finally seen enough of my beach-loving ways. I want something new and this Tumi Beach Bag is my latest beach obsession. I have two more beach trips planned this year and this bag would be perfect for Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

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