Feasting Pretty: PX Speakeasy ~ Alexandria, Virginia

I visited PX Speakeasy for a few hours with my friend Marcia Frost. Marcia was in town doing a story for a magazine and she asked moi to tag along for some of the feasting and sipping. How could I resist. Yoga and food are two of my favorite things outside of beauty and travel. On a chilly Thursday night we made our way to Todd Thrasher’s PX Speakeasy where their motto is “Listen to the ice.”

What is a speakeasy you ask? A speakeasy was a place that sold alcoholic beverages during Prohibition. Well, PX is legal, open to the public, and some of the best homemade cocktails I have had in a long time. After tasting THE best Manhattan of my life, I knew PX was different. It definitely made me want to work on my mixology skills at home. I’m thankful that Todd has Society Fair where I can purchase his house-made cherry bittars and other food accoutrements to make this happen.

I was never a Manhattan girl. It took a beach trip to Ocean City with my husband’s family to change my tune. Grandma Peggy loves a classic Manhattan and wanted me to try one. After that first sip I was hooked. I can’t wait to take Grandma to PX so she experience this version and fall in love with it too.

{ice cubes chill the glass in preparation for the perfect cocktail}

{Norfolk Dumpling ~ made with homemade duck sauce soda, tequila, house-made cherry bittars,
and a few other special items}

{“My Wife’s Manhattan” ~ Maker’s Mark, house-made cherry bittars , and house-made sweet vermouth}

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  1. Glad you enjoyed PX, Julia. Let us know when you make it back with Grandma Peggy. How was the Norfolk Dumpling?

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