Spa-tacular: Massage at Piaf Salon ~ Washington, DC

I didn’t expect my massage to be that great. Seriously. My massage took place in an unassuming room. There wasn’t water trickling down a bubbling brook fountain or the sound of Enya playing through the speakers. Piaf is primarily a hair salon that does amazing work, but tucked in the back you will find Don. An amazing masseuse. I like to say his spa approach is definitely more therapeutic than I’ve had before. The last time I had a massage so intense was in Asia. Don asked me the obligatory question of “what is ailing you?” But, it took him explaining the way I tensed my shoulders to my ears, the way I walked a little hunched over, and the way I grabbed my knee while walking did he reveal “I know. I look at the whole person. The way a person walks into the room, they way a person sits down in the seat, and how heavy their handbag may be. The way the computer has them in a constant crouch position.” Okay, sir. Guilty as charged.

I make my way to the back of the salon for my massage figuring that a nice essential oil rub down was just the thing I needed. Was I wrong. I didn’t realize that the muscles in my clavicle (yes I’m giving you a little anatomy) would be that tight. I knew my shoulders were up to my ears, but after putting pressure on certain points on my upper body I realized (1) I need more therapeutic treatment and (2) you can’t judge a spa by the outside.

Piaf is one of the participating spas of Spa Week. You know about Spa Week, correct? Spa Week is where select spas and salons all over the country offer services for the low price of $50. If you live in the DC area I advise to call Piaf and request a massage with Don. Seriously you won’t be disappointed. Get pass the zen feel you need to relax. After 5 minutes on the table you will realize, this is all the spa escape I need.

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