Dolce & Gabbana’s Monica Lipstick Collection

Red lipstick has been my 2012 thing. I am now trying, testing, swiping, and applying them every week. Some are better than others and Dolce & Gabbana’s Monica Lipstick Collection is one of the best. I love creme lipsticks. Metallics are okay, but a good creamy lipstick will always make my day. I have also ventured into other colors – hot pinks and oranges. The craze that is the bold lip is still hot and heavy and I can’t get enough. It is one trend I hope never goes away. It is fun and adds variety to my normal beauty routine. I have reverting back to my teenage beauty days – nail polish changes multiple times a week and lipstick changes hourly. It is so much fun being a girl.

I’m wearing Italian Monica and my stylist Monica is wearing Attractive Monica .

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