Om Pretty: Biker Barre Workout – Week 1

My good friend and stylist Monica suggested we do something drastic. She suggested we work on getting in shape, working our butt off, and kick start a fitness routine. We knew we needed cardio, a drastic change in diet, and motivation. As much as I love my yoga practice I needed something more. I needed to workout like I did back in the day. So, we signed up for Biker Barre and decided to do the buddy system. Let me just say that we have had our butts handed to us in a bike and barre class every day this week. On Wednesday we decided to “make a double” by doing bike then barre back to back. We were ready and not necessarily willing at 6 a.m, but we plowed through. Gabriella‘s energy and playlist was rocking and Stephen’s Barre class made by butt ache in places it never has before. I can’t wait to take Gabriella’s class again on Monday.

My oh my! I haven’t sweated like that in a long freakin’ time. My doctor loved the idea of the spin class since my calf is still not 100 percent. So we coordinated schedules and jumped in. To say that Biker Barre is hard is an understatement. It is an over all body transformation. I used to be a huge spin fan (I even have the bike cushion), but this is on another level. I am worked to the core. Being the beauty junkie I am testing lip balms to see which ones get me through class. But, I love it. I’m hooked. Between this and yoga I shall be a super fit woman.I will definitely be signing up monthly for Biker Barre.

Thank you Monica for being my fitness accountability partner. You rock! Theme for the rest of the year: Beautiful, Glamorous, & Fit!

{spin bikes and barre socks}

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1 Comment on Om Pretty: Biker Barre Workout – Week 1

  1. Ingrid
    July 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm (4 years ago)

    So proud of you ladies, love your work and that you are always ready to rock out! Great to see you Thursday AM as well!


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