Scent, An Inspiration: Water Calligraphy by Kilian

I had gotten out of writing about niche fragrances, but I have decided to start back on writing. I miss telling everyone about my new fragrance loves and I hope you miss reading about them. I’m starting with a bang. Water Calligraphy by Kilian. Kilian’s scents are not just perfumes, but works of fragrance art. The scent is different and you won’t have hundreds of people walking around wearing “your” scent. My first scent by Kilian was Prelude to Love. I couldn’t get enough and every time I wore it women and men asked what I was wearing. It took everything in me not to tell them. I wanted to hoard my scent. I didn’t want the same people I would see every day wearing my scent.

I have gotten better. I am spilling the beauty beans. Kilian Fragrances. Get in your lifestyle.

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