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Are you waiting on a last minute holiday before summer is over. Well, Directline Holidays has the top top 5 most indulgent holiday beauty treatments for you. We’ve selected some of the most outrageously indulgent treatments available at some our favourite holiday destinations. Book flights and hotels to the destinations listed with for unbelievable prices.

Caviar Facial. In Rome, the Cavalieri hotel offers a caviar facial or caviar body treatment, which enhances your skin to make it firm and radiant. A package at the hotel including the decadent caviar facial, fitness lesson, Pilates lesson as well as access to the sauna, Turkish bath, hydromassage pool and fitness centre costs EUR335.

Cactus Massage. The Hakali cactus massage uses prick-free cactus paddles to massage all the goodness from the inside of the plants into your skin. For $245 you can remove toxins and rehydrate your skin. The cactus is in the same family as the healing plant aloe vera and the oil inside helps heal sunburn and quench dry skin.

Champagne Bath. Save money on flights and head to London to, quite literally, bathe in Champagne. Frivolous to most, but desired by a few, the Cadogan hotel now offers this truly indulgent experience for guests staying at the hotel. The baths require 120 bottles and your bath can vary in price from the ‘super saver’ £4000 Louis de Custine Brut bath to the Dom Pérignon Vintage, at a whopping £25000.

Argan Oil Massage. This Moroccan treatment uses the fruit from the Argan tree to create an oil high in Vitamin E and fatty acids perfect for hydrating skin. Not only is the Argan oil brilliant at restoring skin’s acid mantle, it has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory qualities and generally protects against moisture loss and acne. Argan oil massages, scrubs and treatments in various forms are available widely throughout the country.

 Gold Facial. The Four Seasons in Florence, Italy offers a truly decadent facial wherein gold is worked onto skin to reduce wrinkles and bring a golden glow to the face that is immediately visible. The price reflects the nature of the treatment and sets beauty seeking individuals back EUR410

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