Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival: My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

The web has many great perks for me. I have met amazing women online who have now become friends in real life. Take for example, my girl Tracey from One Brown Girl and the Passport Party Project. Tracey is equally obsessed with Paris, travels the world, loves her hubby, and is an all around good person. I met Tracey when we sat on a panel at Blogalicious in 2011 discussing travel. It didn’t take long for Tracey to see the need for women of color who write about travel together. Introducting the Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival. Women bloggers around the world will be writing on various topics. Please check out all these lovely ladies.

The topic for today is my top 5 travel pet peeves. I have many, but will definitely limit it to 5. Here goes.

  1. A lot of people travel and it irks me to see people continue to try to get through security with jewelry, belts, shoes, etc. Come on people. It is not happening. Add your jewelry after security; don’t wear clothing that requires belts; and easy access shoes are the best.
  2. Ladies, thin, craptastic, and see through leggings are not pants. I don’t want to see your backside at 5:45am in the airport or anyplace. Unless you are wearing super thick leggings, i.e., Vince/Lululemon they are not pants.
  3. No, I do not want to switch my aisle seat for a window seat. I hate to fly and the thought of having a window seat means the middle person will want to look out the window more than once. I don’t want to deal with a shade. I prefer aisle.
  4. My computer screen is not your computer screen. Please do not ask me to share my headphones while I am watching reruns of Sex and the City.
  5. Yes, I bring my own food on the plane and no you cannot “try my dish.”

I could go on and on, but I can’t. I hope you enjoy the traveling blog carnival and see you on land or in the air.


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  1. Totally agree with 1 and 2 (though 2 applies everywhere!). I don’t even know what I’d do if someone suggested 4 and 5 to me. In what universe is any of that appropriate? I don’t even like sharing earbuds with my husband!

  2. Agreed on all counts!

  3. As a relatively new blogger, I agree that this medium has brought so many amazing women doing world-altering things into my life. I’m new to your blog and am excited to look around…what a beautiful space!

    Your list is HILARIOUS! I was totally envisioning those travelers which questionable flight attire! Too funny.

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Julia! (I’ll pay you later.) *giggle*

    Someone has ACTUALLY asked you to share your food and your headphones?!?!?!? That’s hysterical. The noive.

  5. wait!!! do people actually ask to watch your movies and try you food?…..NO MAAM and NO SIR! You will nevverrrrr lol

  6. Someone asked to share your computer and your FOOD?!?! Craziness.

  7. Wow, I’m with Monique. Sharing food and headphones is a bit much. But I’m not surprised these days. For some people, it’s just a cultural thing and how they grew up. For others, they just completely lack home training.

  8. LOL! Too funny! Those leggings are a problem. Ladies, please take note: We can see your backside and/or undies!!

    We would make perfect travel mates. I adore the window seat. Good luck to the person in the middle trying to get a glimpse outside. Flights put me to sleep and I usually block the window!

  9. LOL! Too funny. The entire list.

    Oh, and I”m an aisle gal, too!

    Winks & Smiles,

  10. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s Pet Peeves as part of this Carnival. Number 4 & 5 surprised me. People actually want to share your computer and/or food. Wow..

  11. Amen to #2! And your right about #4. I can’t stand intrusive people! Ugh! lol! :0)

  12. The first is so true! It drives me crazy when people take forever at security, especially since I have the routine down. I know that ATL has an express lane for seasoned travelers. I think all airports should jump on that!

  13. Wow this is a great idea to blog about travel thanks a lot for sharing.

  14. Haha! Great post! This is Melanie, the flight attendant you met on your way to Paris! What a lovely blog you have, so sorry I didn’t look it up sooner. Hope all is well with you!

    Ps. I would like to add my own personal #6 I don’t like traveling to the UK since they have tight restrictions on liquids and…well….I need to bring tons of conditioner with me especially on 6-day trips :-(

  15. Love #4. “My computer screen is not your computer screen.” This is one of my pet peeves as well. Just because we’re on an airplane together doesn’t mean we’re family, and you can watch everything I do on my laptop.


  1. […] All About The Pretty — Julia hit the nail on the head with one of my biggest peeves (and my Twitter followers know it): people who want to switch seats. Personally, I spend $10 each way for Southwest Airlines Early Bird to ensure I get my aisle seat. On other carriers, I choose my seats in advance for the same reason. Poor planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on my part. […]

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