Eye Feel For You with Rose Arctica Eye Balm

A deep like is what I am feeling with Kiehl’s Rose Arctica Anti-Aging Balm. Deep. It’s rich enough to go all the way into the nooks and crannies of my laugh lines and bags, but light enough to allow my concealer to easily be applied. Yep, I have under eye bags, but this is making them much better. I am back to running which means I am getting up even earlier than normal. The Body Beautiful Campaign is still in full effect. This is what happens when your girlfriend tells you “let’s run a half marathon together.” Okay, I say. Let’s do one in January and one in August. Umm, yeah, sure. Then I realize that means I have to get up even earlier in the morning to run. I go to bed early as it is, but I still need a lot of help with the eye area every now and then. Well more like now all the time.

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