Big Girl Bath Time: Joyful Bath Co.

I have never met a bath that I didn’t like. Baths can cure a multitude of issues in my opinion. I use baths to relax, but I also use the time to think things through. The experience of the bath is part of the deal. Yes, bathing is an experience. I need the candles, music, and much needed quiet time. I discovered Joyful Bath Co. at the Emerald Door Eco-Chic Spa in Silver Spring, Maryland. I was asked earlier this summer to be one of their ambassadors and I was thrilled because I was able to discover new products such as Joyful.

Let’s good down to the beauty business shall we. Joyful Bath Co. is based in Maryland and was created by Rochel who calls herself the Chief Bath Mixologist. She was addicted to creating products because of her love of taking a bath. This is a girl after my own. Joyful’s Oatsy Floatsie Bath Salts are infused with lavender and the perfect concoction to take my bath from good to great. There are times that only a bath can make my day. I look forward to bath time, as much as, I look forward to buying a new book. Joyful Bath Co.’s motto is “Have you had your bath today?” If not, what are you waiting on.

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