Destination Pretty: Stephanie Johnson Travel Essentials

I remember when travel was easy. Security was a breeze to pass through, you didn’t have to put your liquids in Ziploc bags, and the majority of people didn’t dress as if they just rolled out of bed. Times have changed. Travel today is hard, even I will admit that. But, there are ways to make it a little more bearable. The key is being organized and prepared. Here’s where Stephanie Johnson comes in.  Stephanie started her company because she traveled so much and wanted cute travel essentials. If you can’t find it, create it. She continues to have her wanderlust spirit and it is the precipice on which she builds her travel essential. Each collection is different, but have what all ladies want. Function and cuteness.

The lovely folks over at Stephanie Johnson know how much I travel and wanted to outfit me for Paris. My travel belief is if the trip is less than 10 days I can do a carry-on going to my destination. My suitcase will be filled with too many beauty goodies on the way back, therefore it must be checked. To get me organized I will be taking the Trapezoid and the Mini Pouches. I plan to place my underpinnings in the trapezoid and use the pouches to hold all my tech cables and Euros. I currently have a mini pouch in Palm Springs which I use to hold lip balms.

Stephanie makes traveling fun again with organization. Let’s face it ladies – it takes a village of products to be us. There is no sense in leaving them behind just because you are traveling.

{a Malibu Raspberry iPad case}

{the Trapezoid in Turin}

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