I’m in “Reading” Love Under New Management

I am really about to date myself. I am a junior in high school. I was into rock, hip hop, and R&B. Not that crap that they say is R&B now. I mean the slow, souful music that makes you grab your heart because my goodness you have been there. At that time I didn’t even have a boyfriend, let alone a real relationship, but I knew one day that would happen. One particular song that my mother hated me singing was “I’m in Love Under New Management” by Miki Howard. I seriously had no right to sing that song. I was young, dumb, and didn’t have a clue about life. But, I loved the song anyway.

Currently I am in love with a character from a book. It’s my new reading management. Let’s not confuse the fact that he who shall not be named is playing him in a movie. That is besides the point. The point is I am in love with Jack Reacher from the Lee Child novels. I had never read a Lee Child novel until I was listening to my favorite book podcast – Books on the Nightstand and Ann said that reading Jack Reacher is a must when each book comes out. After the very first one I completely understood what Ann was talking about. I haven’t been this happy with a thriller since Alex Cross. I am on my 5th Reacher novel and I plan to read them all.

I have a never ending book list, but it is my duty, my moral imperative, to read all the Jack Reacher novels. I have a Kindle full of books needing to be read, but until Jack and I over I can’t read anything else. The new JK Rowling has to wait and so does My Berlin Kitchen by one of my favorite food bloggers. I’m putting all the books I read on Goodreads. If you are a member please friend me, I would love to see what you are reading.

I am in “Reading” Love Under New Management. Peep the video. Miki knows she is singing this song.

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