Jurlique Love Balm

Fall has arrived. While driving recently I noticed the leaves had started to change colors. Growing up in the South I was always curious of seasons. A season for different food, clothes, and daily living. I always knew I would eventually live in a place with seasons. There is something magical about seeing the days grow darker, the leaves change, and the crispness of the air in the morning. My fall season is busy with travel which keeps me rejuvenated and constantly inspired. With the cooler temperatures comes my super dry skin. Dry, lizard-like skin to be exact.

This season brings the beginning of more than just creams to keep my skin moist. I need deep moisture bordering on greasy. In my carry-on to Paris on Wednesday will be Jurlique’s Love Balm. I will be slathering this on my face, hands, and lips to keep my skin soft. I may be full of drama in my beauty routines, but there are times I love a little simplicity. A few ingredients that wow and have major impact. There is something so lovely about a balm this time of year or maybe it’s the fact the balm is going on its first international jaunt.

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