doTERRA Essential Oils: Bringing Out My Inner Hippie

Over the past few years I have gotten into using essential oils. I realized with all the traveling and life in general I needed some natural pick-me-ups and something to help me relax. It started with lavender. At the yoga studio where I practice in DC, Tranquil Space, the teachers spray lavender aromatherapy mist during savasana and it is a highlight at the end of class. I am currently in Louisiana visiting the potion lady, the aunt, and tons of cousins. But, it has been busy; the oils came with me. On Saturday my aunt was admitted to the hospital and needless to say I’m worried. I’m trying to stay strong and not worry mom, but I can’t help it. She is my other mother. At times like these I try to stick to prayer, meditation, and time on my yoga mat when I can get it.

Before she fell ill, I introduced her to my new oils by doTERRA. These oils are so pure you can ingest them. I knew I had to introduce them to my other mother. Needless to say, this beauty, yogi, and product junkie is hooked. My aunt lived in California in the 70s and she totally gets the “new” me as she refers to it. We used the lemon and peppermint in the mornings and the lavender to relax us in the evening, with a glass of Cabernet of course. Over numerous conversations I explained that I heard of the oils from Emerald Door Eco-Spa in Maryland and that when she visits me again we must go together. She is one of the reasons I love beautiful things. I remember being a kid and watching her in headstand in the living room with candles and incense burning. Now, I’m in the one in the living room in headstand.

Life has come full circle – from one hippie to another. If you have never used essential oils I suggest you try and add them to your beauty routine especially this time of year with the holidays, parties, and family time. We must maintain the pretty and our sanity at the same time.

Happy Monday!

Pretty Script: Get better Aunt P. We have lots of beauty talk, books, and travel to discuss.

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1 Comment on doTERRA Essential Oils: Bringing Out My Inner Hippie

  1. Angela Hall
    November 19, 2012 at 1:49 pm (3 years ago)

    I hope your Auntie is back on her feet soon. I appreciate the resource for oils. I’ve been ill and I think this is exactly what I need to keep my mood up.


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