Pureology Precious Oil

A lot of things happened when I traveled to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. I realized the hair oil I brought was just not good and the whole “big hair” thing is really not me. It was solidified when the potion lady kindly put to me “you really look better with short hair.” Thanks mom for the truly honest opinion. So in two weeks I am going back to my short hair do. Although I will have a enough hair to play with, I am getting rid of my fro. How do I feel about that? I feel I should have done it a long time ago. Plus, I am back to running and plan to have “Fergie type fitness” as my girl Amber always tells me.

The one thing I plan to keep in my new hair care life is Pureology’s Precious Oil. This oil is super light and gives the perfect amount of moisture. I should have pumped some out and brought it to Louisiana with me. I learned my lesson.

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