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Yoga is such a big part of my life and so is fragrance, but sometimes the two don’t often mix. I don’t mean the scent of China Gel or nag champa incense which it most yogis love. I am one of them. I mean perfume, eau de toilette, and oils. I know how hard it is to exercise on a spin bike when someone smells like “eau de smoke” so I can only imagine as someone tries to breathe deep and only get a scent of magnolia or spice. It really is unfair. I try my best not to be that yogi, but it doesn’t mean I can ever go fragrance free – my dear hearts that is not happening.

I have found a new scent that I think will work perfectly for the function of down dog and me needing to feel presentable in spandex and on a yoga mat. If you ever practice yoga next to me you will see that I do indeed apply multiple coats of lip gloss before my practice. It’s who I am after all. Amber Perfume Oil by Nemat is a yogis dream scent. It’s light enough that I won’t disturb anothers pranayama (breath) and fulfills my inner beauty girl while I get my Om on. It’s available at Whole Foods which is the yogis land of healthy food. I am on the hunt for more products that make my heart flutter while doing something good for my mind and body.

Namaste y’all.



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1 Comment on Amber Perfume Oil

  1. Jackie Flaten
    January 30, 2013 at 9:19 pm (3 years ago)

    Thank you for the lovely post – Nemat Amber and yoga, hadn’t thought of that but as an ardent lover of both, I will try them together! Love your site.


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