Beauty Girl Winter Blues + New Year Expectations

Argania 1640

It is that time again. New Year’s Resolutions. As I have said before I prefer the term “expectations.” Resolutions seem to be something you know you won’t finish. But expectations on the other hand are meant to be completed. For the past few years I have come up with a key word that I want to focus on for the year. For 2013 it’s attention.

I really need to start paying attention to my overall well-being, get back to feeling like myself, put myself on the top of the list (ladies I know you understand me on this. If mama ain’t happy then no one is happy), take a solo trip, and keep Sundays tech free, email free, digital free, and just relax. I decided with a few friends to a personal growth challenge every month for the year. I will keep you posted on how it goes – alcohol for January, bread is a no-go for February, cheese for March, and books/paper for April. Lord help me.

With that being said, I decided one of my new year expectation is to figure out the extreme rough patches that have appeared on my skin as of late. They are not noticeable to anyone else, but I can feel them. The super dry patches on my nose, cheeks, and chin. I won’t even start on the rest of my super dry body. That is another post.

I dislike winter. I really want to say hate, but hate is such a strong word. I dislike and despise these patches. I am slathering almost every available oil in my arsenal. It’s only been two weeks, but one has oil has triumphed over many. It’s the Argania 1640 oil. It’s a wickedly divine argan oil that I only use on the dry spots. So far so good. If I can just get to spring. I’m clicking my winter boots three times like Dorothy and hoping my skin will take to this oil.

Here are a few of my top expectations:

  1. Healthy living is a lifestyle (juice feasting 3-4 times a week, fasting one day a week, and tech free Sundays);
  2. Journal 3-4 times a week. I really miss it, but over the years I spent telling the Don everything. I miss writing ALL my thoughts out on paper;
  3. Work on my penmanship. I used to have beautiful handwriting. But after years of writing on a computer I realized it was a problem;
  4. Quit buying crap clothing. I seriously need to only buy things I love. This will help me prepare and save to spend that month in Hawaii that I have on my agenda for 2013. Yes, I plan to be a brown beach babe from August – September. Brown baby bronze for days;
  5. No smartphones during meals. I don’t use them at home when I eat and I refuse to spend another meal with my husband or friends checking in, tweeting, instagramming, Facebooking, and so on. You guys know exactly what I mean;
  6. Prepare for Beauty Tours in Paris (2013), Italy (2014), Tokyo, and South Africa. Ladies save your coins. It is going to be epic;
  7. Complete four half-marathons (ambitious I know);
  8. Complete the 21-day yoga challenge at Tranquil Space from February 1 – February 21 (another ambitious thought);
  9. Read 50 books (more ambitious – if you love to read please friend me on Goodreads); and
  10. Find something every day to be grateful for in my life.

Wish me all the beauty luck and Happy Beauty-full New Year!

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1 Comment on Beauty Girl Winter Blues + New Year Expectations

  1. Get Perfect Skin
    January 10, 2013 at 11:34 pm (3 years ago)

    Oh those are wonderful resolutions. I’ve lived in the South too, and there is nothing like the Dogwoods blooming in the Spring, taking some finger snacks and fine tea at the local tea house. If you fast one day a week and run half-marathons, you are pretty darn healthy! You are coming to Italy in 2014? There is a huge beauty product convention in Bologna in March that I well be attending. One of my New Years goals is to get perfect skin, so I need to know all the insider secrets! And the Moroccan Argan Oil looks lovely. Here’s to 2013 – Cheers!


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