Lash Love: Stila Cosmetics MAJOR Major Lash Mascara

Stila Major Major Lash

I am having major lash envy. Only to myself of course. I want them to look fake, but on a daily basis. I want to look like I have individual lashes on at all times. I’m not ready for lash extensions. I decided that I’m going to abide by some major beauty rules this year and change my mascara frequently. I have a tendency to really keep and use them way too long. I know you are saying to yourself – bad beauty writer. To kick off this new beauty endeavor and take me from my mascara abyss is Stila Cosmetics MAJOR Major Lash Mascara. This is some mascara goodness ladies. It gives my lashes that va-va-voom look, but it does not clump. It has the perfect amount of pigment, long lasting, and makes my lashes bump my eyeglasses at times. As you’re reading this I’m batting my lashes.

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