Reading Pretty: The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

The Honest Life

Happy first day of April! Where did the first three months of the year go? It seems to have flown by. It’s also “green month.” I’m in a constant battle of wanting to be more eco-friendly so I plan to feature some green items that I am currently loving for the month. It’s my last full day in Louisiana and I am excited to return home. I will miss my family, but I am excited to hang out with my husband, prep for a 20-day raw cleanse starting April 8 and get back to my normal routine. There is nothing like coming to Louisiana and slowing down. It refuels me. I have a ritual when I come – Sam’s Club and crawfish in no particular order.

When I arrived last week we headed straight to Sam’s Club like we always do. I have a no book/paper buying for the month of April so heading to the book section was a treat. I perused a few books, but decided to pick up Jessica Alba’s new book The Honest Life. I battled with whether or not I should be writing about another celebrity book. It’s always a catch 22 with me. I think we are in a too-celebrity driven culture, but should I not write about a book I actually enjoyed just because the author is a celebrity. Over the past few days I really got into the book. I took away some valuable information and not just on buying her products.

The book focuses on living naturally as a lifestyle and not just the trend of the moment. I know many people who do juice fasts only to realize they don’t work and are even crankier because they haven’t changed their lifestyle. I talked with my cousin about the dilemma. She is so removed from social media and blogging that her voice is fresh and what I always need when I’m stuck with things like this. She said  “You really don’t have a choice. If your review helps one person – write it. Isn’t your blog about beauty as a lifestyle? Well, this book agrees with your lifestyle. I like Jessica and I don’t even know her.” I put the photo of the book on Facebook and a few of my friends wanted to know my honest (no pun intended) opinion.

I think Jessica has done a great job with this book. I call myself pretty organized, but I can say now I’m the proud owner of a label maker. I am a scarf junkie year round and they are everywhere with no organization whatsoever. I plan to organize my scarves, clean out, label and spring clean not just my kitchen but every space in my home. I am excited to really label my spices which have taken a life of their own in my pantry. There are topics on food, home, beauty, style and baby. The book has that easy to read format where you can jump back and forth between chapters – unless you are like me and need to read from the beginning to the end. In reading the book I decided to do a little celebrity Jessica stalking. I looked at her Instagram and Twitter feeds (but I haven’t made the leap to follow). I felt like the book matched the woman and it sounded like her voice. I have a few missteps in the past with celebrity books and you can tell someone wrote it for them.

Thanks Jessica for a great book full of your tips and adorable family photos.

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2 Comments on Reading Pretty: The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

  1. Pat
    April 9, 2013 at 7:01 am (3 years ago)

    Thanks for your honest review Julia. Jessica’s book sounds like a must read although I think my husband might get to it first :)

  2. Jill
    April 13, 2013 at 3:44 am (3 years ago)

    Living naturally sounds great. To make a lifestyle out of it is very hard. It also depends on what she means by naturally. I like healthy, and healthy sort of becomes natural after a while. Anyway, sounds like a good book. Not sure about the label maker Good luck with it.


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