3 Years! That Went By Fast…

{Feluca sailing in Aswan, Egypt}


Today I celebrate my third wedding anniversary. In the social media world, Tuesdays are for travel. It’s crazy how fast the time has passed. It seems like only yesterday we met on CraigsList (October 2007). Yes, it has more than couches. In 2007 I was single and wanted to be in a real relationship instead of that nonsense I had been dating. I took a chance and answered and an ad on Craigslist. Crazy, I know. Eight weeks later I boarded a plane to Barcelona with this new man who three years later put a ring and some papers (marriage license) on it.

The Don and I bonded over our mutual love of travel, being open to new things, and being individuals. We each had a separate bucket list. Me: South Africa and The World Cup. Him: Egypt. It worked out. The World Cup and Egypt in 2010. Done. It’s been years of great travel and at the same time great work. If anyone tells you relationships are not work are lying. But that doesn’t mean that the work isn’t worth it. It is. I asked God for a partner and he gave me one in the true sense of the word. The Don challenges me, encourages me, listens, respects, talks, and is there for me.

At times I can piss him off to no end and vice versa. I’ve gone to bed angry and woke up feeling better. The bigger goal is to create something great. That’s what marriage is ~ two imperfect people coming together to create something great in service to one another. I am grateful to a supportive husband. We are both strong individuals and as much as we can hang together, we also are able to be individuals and do things separately. Ladies, trust me on this one. Have a life with an without him. Always keep your individuality, but be able to compromise for the sake of the relationship. Travel together and travel separate. I am a big believer in women traveling by themselves to learn who you really are.

On Saturday we attended a party and talked to a couple married over 22 years. What’s the key? They both responded respect, compromise, mutual interests, remaining an individual, have fun together, and lots of laughter. Is this the person you want to be on a porch with at 80, not because you love them, but because you like them! Yes it is.

To the Mister! Thank you for three memorable years of marriage and almost six years of togetherness. As we grow as individuals, may we continue to grow as a couple. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. I love me some. you.

{Exploring Edfu, Egypt}


{Engaged in front of a pyramid and a camel. I never tire of looking at this picture}

Engagement Photo

{In my favorite city after perusing the Louvre. Paris, baby!}


{One of my favorite photos ever. St. Croix}

St. Croix

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  1. Carmen
    October 10, 2013 at 11:56 pm (2 years ago)

    <3 love this, J!


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